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What will happen if Edwin Encarnacion can't answer the bell this year?

Edwin Encarnacion was to play, today, but his wrist is still 'tender'. If this was a novel, we would call this foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a literary devise where  the writer plants the seeds for bad news to come. Course I'm no doctor but his wrist surgery was near the start of the off-season. Wouldn't you think he should be healed up by now?

I'm wondering what the backup plan is at third? This is a team with roughly 75 major league ready pitching arms, but we are as thin as tissue paper in most of the position spots (which is kind of interesting since many of our position players seem to be made of tissue paper). I guess what would happen is that Bautista would move to third. After that I'd like Snider to go into right, Lind in left and Ruiz or Dopirak DHing. But I don't think Cito would do that.

It is possible that McCoy would play third and the outfield would stay as planned. McCoy though doesn't seem to have the sort of bat that you'd want in a corner spot, but then Bautista doesn't either and he's our RFer. I don't suppose the Jays would let Wallace play third for the year? 

My worry? They put Bautista at third and use Joey Gathright in RF. 

We really need Encarnacion to play and hit well. With a lineup that includes Buck, Gonzalez and has Bautista leading off, everyone else needs to have a good year for us not to have a crappy offense.