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It's Friday, I'm In Love: 3/5 Spring Training Game Thread, Jays v. Phillies

Hi everyone, back from Cleveland, the "mistake on the lake."  Actually, it wasn't bad.  The Jays take on the Philadelphia Phillies this Friday afternoon. 

Today's lineup, courtesy of Jordan Bastian: 

Bautista, rf

Hill, 2b

Lind, dh

Wells, cf

Overbay, 1b

Buck, c

Gonzalez, ss

Emaus, 3b

Gathright, lf

Brandon Morrow starts for the Jays kicking off his own career as a starter for Toronto, and let's face it, who cares who pitches for Philly, since it's not Doc (it's Cole Hamels, btw).  Also set to be showcased on the mound today are: Lance Broadway (2 IP), David Purcey (2), Casey Janssen (1), Jeremy Accardo (1), and Jesse Carlson (1).  According to, Gameday Audio will have a feed.  Woohoo!

Southpaw Marc Rzepczynski got off to a good start yesterday in his rotation bid, and given his strong performance last season, it appears as though Zep might be something of a lock for the rotation.  Fellow lefty Brett Cecil, on the other hand, has is getting a slightly slower start to the spring than he would like as a result of a cut on his hand that he sustained while cooking.  The cut apparently hinders his curve a bit and the Jays decided to be cautious and scratch him, though he's expected to pitch in a game soon.  A word of caution to Cecil - I cut my hand cooking once, even took care of the cut decently well, only to find myself in an ER a week later getting gallons of vancomycin punped intravenously through my veins.  Watch out for MRSA, Brett! 

Jordan Bastian brings us a little news from today's "B" game, where Brad Mills and Chad Jenkins combined for 4 effective innings (Mills had 4 Ks in his 2 IP) and David Cooper hit a home run.  Zach Stewart was supposed to pitch too, but no word yet on his performance.