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Quick Game Recap: Spring Game 4

Blue Jays 9 Yankees 1

Jays first game on MLB TV so I got to see our guys for the first time. It is spring. 


Shawn Marcum looked great, two innings, just allowed the one walk, with 2 strike outs. Everything was right around the plate.  I'd love to say he's back but was just 2 innings. Don't read too too much into it, but he was throwing smooth and easy.

Zechry Zinicola pitched 1 inning, was a little wild. Hit Francisco Cervelli in the head, though Cervelli ducked into the ball. CT scan apparently showed no concussion, but he was hit hard. ZZ gave up a run on a hit, walk and HB. Merkin Valdez looked good in his inning, threw hard, 1 walk, 1K. Steve Register pitched 2 innings, 2 hits and a walk. Bob Ray pitched a good inning but had trouble in his second inning, loading the bases without getting an out before he was pulled. Willie Collazo pitched out the the bases loaded jam and pitched a scoreless 9th. 


  • Adam Lind hit a 3 run homer, going 2 for 3
  • J.P. Arencibia hit a massive 2 run homer. 1 for 2. 
  • Jose Bautista was 2 for 3.
  • Aaron Hill 1 for 2 with a walk.
  • Vernon Wells 3 for 3, all singles but looked good at the plate. 
  • Lyle Overbay 1 for 2 and a walk.
  • Randy Ruiz beat out a infield single, 1 for 2. 
  • Mike McCoy was 1 for 1 with a walk. He made an error at short but also made a handful of nice plays. I would love to see him get a job. 
  • Travis Snider was 1 for 3, and also smoked a line drive that was caught, but struck out against a lefty.
  • Joey Gathright didn't impress. Nor did Adam Loewen 0 for 2 with a K. 
  • Alex Gonzalez didn't look good with the bat either, though he did get a hit, 1 for 3.
  • Jose Molina was 1 for 3 as well, doesn't look like a hitter. 
  • Jeremy Reed didn't impress me either but was 1 for 3.