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Quick Recap: Spring Game 5, Jays and Tigers

Tigers 5 Blue Jays 8

The bats continue to go great and so does the pitching for the most part.


  • Brian Tallet did not do well. 2 innings, 4 hits, 4 runs, 2 walks, 2 homers and 2 K. A veteran doesn't have to worry too much about his first spring appearance, but he is our first starter not to show well. 
  • Jason Frasor, Scott Downs, Shawn Camp, Josh Roenicke, Daniel Farquhar and Rommie Lewis each pitched a shutout inning. All seemed impressive.
  • Kevin Gregg gave up a lead off homer to start his inning but then got 3 quick outs. As Hugo said, "homeritis isn’t a favorable diagnosis for an AL East reliever and the inning didn’t really do much to assuage that." He's going to have give us a bunch of homerless outings if he wants us to have any confidence in him.


The top of the order continues to mash. 

  • Jose Bautista hit another leadoff homer, was 1 for 3 dropping his spring average to .636
  • Aaron Hill was 2 for 2 with yet another walk. He has only made 1 out in 10 PA so far this spring, hitting .800.
  • Adam Lind was 1 for 3 and is 'only' hitting .300.
  • Vernon Wells hit a homer, went 2 for 2 with a walk, 2 runs and 2 RBI. He is hitting .600 this spring.
  • Randy Ruiz had a homer as well, a grand slam. was 2 for 3. He's hitting .615.

Others of interest:

  • Travis Snider was 0 for 2 with a sac fly. The radio guys seemed to think he was having good at bats.
  • John Buck went 0 for 3, with a K. He's at .250 on the spring.
  • Alex Gonzalez was 1 for 3 and is .222 so far.
  • Brad Emaus 1 for 2, He's hitting .417.
  • Mike McCoy was 1 for 1. He's .750 in 8 at bats.
  • Chris Lubanski had his first hit since his home run in the first spring game. He is hitting .222 now.

Jays sent three down to the minor league camp after the game: Travis D'arnaud, Daniel Farquhar and Matt Liuzza. No surprises, they weren't going to make the team and we don't need all the catchers in the major league camp anymore. 

Cito on Tallet:

Last year he was a bit of a life-saver for us because we had so many guys [hurt].

He'll 'get every chance' to make the starting rotation. I'll admit, this is the stuff that drives me crazy about Cito. When he makes it clear he likes a player or makes it clear he dislikes a player without it haven't anything to do with how well the player can play the game.  I think Tallet did great for the team last year, full marks for him filling in in the rotation. Loyalty is a nice thing, but we have a ton of good young arms that could make the rotation. Why reserve a spot for Tallet? Oh well, we shall see.