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The City's Still Aching From Your Kiss: Tuesday Banter

No game today, my bantering bretheren and sistren. 

  • So far, young cuban lefty Arnoldis Chapman looks to be worthy of his hype.  Of course, no one really doubted his stuff. 
  • The Jays reassigned top-10 pitching prospects Chad Jenkins and Zach Stewart to minor league camp today.  Both pitchers looked pretty sharp, albeit in very limited action, with the Jays.  I'm guessing that Jenkins gets assigned to high-A Dunedin to start the season (though the Jays might be conservative and start him at Lansing) and that Stewart joins Las Vegas as part of their rotation. 
  • Dustin McGowan threw 2 simulated innings today.  So far it sounds like everything went well.  I still don't see him breaking camp with the rotation, he'd really have to move quickly.  My guess is that if things continue to progress, the Jays will keep him on the DL to start the season but have him almost immediately begin a rehab assignment and hope he is perhaps ready to go, barring any setbacks, by May 1st? 
  • Things are really clicking so far for Ricky Romero this spring.  Everyone seems to be noticing Romero's confidence, work ethic, and impressive stuff thusfar.  It would be a big deal for Romero to simply avoid taking a step back in his sophomore season, but I'm starting to think he can actually improve this year. 
  • Brian Tallet really wants to start this season.  All signs so far point to him getting his wish. 
  • The Drunks, responding to rumours that have been reported around here as well that the Chicago Cubs are interested in Jason Frasor, are very interested in the North Side's bevy of young shortstops.  Frasor is, of course, a Second City native. 
  • The Tao of Stieb really does not want to hear about how the Jays are playing well in meaningless games.  Fair enough. 
  • Cito seems to like Mike McCoy.  I myself would like to see McCoy make the team. 

What else should we be talking about today?  Today's title, by the way, is from a song called "Goodbye Midnight" by the Spring Standards, which I thought appropriate.  If you like actual country music played by actual people as opposed to airbrushed pickup truck salesmen, definitely check them out.