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Thursday Bantering: Links

It should be cut down day today, haven't heard yet, likely soon though. 

In the mean time:

  • The story has a story about Rogers president and CEO Nadir Mohamed. He is telling us the Jays have money to sign whoever they want. I like the line "Blue Jay losses, within the Rogers empire amount to a rounding error."
  • The National Post profiles Alex Anthopoulos. No one tires of the story about him making phone calls from his honeymoon, except his wife I'm sure. He's going to be a daddy.
  • The Post also asks and answers 20 questions about the coming season.
  • In the Sun, Bob Elliot tells us it is his 30th spring training and he still hasn't made the team.
  • Baseball Prospectus mentions our Kyle Drabek

"He's pretty awesome," said one veteran scout. "He's just that rare double threat who has stuff, but can also really pitch. He was sitting 93-94 mph with a filthy 78-mph breaking ball, and now he's broken out this upper-80s cutter that's nasty, too."

With a rotation beset by mediocrity and injuries, Drabek's trip to Toronto could come sooner rather than later.

"He works quick, he has a compact delivery, and every pitch has good life," the scout concluded. "There's no reason he shouldn't be up soon, as he's as good as anyone in their rotation right now."


  • And J.P. Arencibia:

Blue Jays C J.P. Arencibia: "I'd never seen him before, and I looked at his numbers, but that's nothing like what I saw. He was this big, athletic catcher with power and good defense. He looked like a stud the days I saw him."