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Enjoy the Good Times

My parents are the 'don't get too high when things are good, don't get to low when things are bad' type of people. They've tried to instill that in me and I'm sure that it has worked, at least to some extent. But really it is a silly way to live. I mean I'm all for not getting too down when things are bad, because I'm a Jay's fan and the bad times are aplenty. 

But let's enjoy the good times. We are 3 and 1, life is good enjoy. Yeah it likely won't last so enjoy. I don't mean be insufferable, we don't need to be like Red Sox Nation, but let's face it, when things turn around no one will mind kicking us while we are down. 

For example, we lost the first game and not in a very fun way. But there were number of good signs, Marcum pitched a good game and Vernon hit one out. Even though it was a late game loss, it wasn't a total bad thing. Then the first thing I read after the game was some bastard saying we were going to loss 103 more games. There is always someone out there wanting to twist the knife. There are enough folks out there that have said we are going to loss 100 games and want to make a point of telling us how smart they are with each loss.

Personally, I'd rather be wrong with pessimistic predictions. I didn't think too much of the Kevin Gregg signing but he's been great his two times out this year. If it continues, I couldn't be happier to be wrong. I don't like Jose Bautista leading off, but I still hope he does great. There is nothing better than learning something new.

Take it as a lesson, enjoy the good, even if there are bad times ahead, because there will be someone there that will enjoy kicking us when we are down. 3-1 means nothing, I know, other than 3 times we can enjoy the end of a game. So do enjoy it.