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Dana Eveland Leads Blue Jays to Fourth Straight Win.

Blue Jays 3 Orioles 0

Hugo was calling for Dana Eveland to get a starter's job on the team right from the start of spring training so I hope he got to Camden Yards to see this one. Dana (what a terrible name for a boy) pitched 7.1 shutout innings, allowing just 5 hits, walking 2 and striking out 2. The impressive part is that he got 12 ground outs to 6 fly outs. With the good infield defense we have, compared with the less than impressive outfield defense, ground ball are a very good thing. I don't expect Eveland to throw 7 shutout innings every time out there but you have to like how he pounds the bottom of the strike zone. 

Scott Downs got the last 2 outs of the 8th and Jason Frasor pitched the ninth for his 3rd save, but he had to give up a single and a walk so that the tying run could come to the plate. I don't think Jason is going to give us a lot of nice easy saves, I guess it is a good thing to get out hearts pumping.

Offensively we did enough. Twice the Orioles intentionally walked Travis Snider to face Jose Molina (a very understandable move, Jose doesn't exactly strike fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers), and both times they paid for it. The first time they walked Travis to load the bases and then hit Jose with a pitch to drive in the run. The second time he was walked with Edwin Encarnacion on second and then Jose singled to drive Edwin home. In the 9th Adam Lind doubled home Mike McCoy.

Lind, Encarnacion, Alex Gonzalez and Jose Molina each had 2 hits. Lyle Overbay had a single. Vernon Wells didn't get a hit for the first time this season but walk twice, once intentionally. Mike McCoy and Jose Bautista each took a walk so everyone in the lineup got on base at least once.

Jays of the Day are Eveland (.472 WPA), Molina (.284) and Scott Downs (.108). Suckage Jays are McCoy (-.142) and Bautista (-.106).

Defensively this is our first game of the year that We didn't make an error and Molina threw out Cesar Izturis trying to steal.

It was very nice to see Edwin Encarnacion get a couple of hits, both hard hit balls and he made some good plays in the field. We are still looking for the first appearance of Randy Ruiz.

We are 4-1  and in first place! It has been a really nice start to the season. These are going to have to be the type of games we win this year, well pitched, close games, I don't think we'll blow many teams out. Tomorrow we finish the series with Baltimore at 1:00 Eastern. Shawn Marcum goes up against Kevin Millwood.