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Hi everyone.  In honour of our home opener tonight, here's Skydome (just click on the link), our Bluebird Banter sort-of theme song.  Written by yours truly and recorded live by my band.  Just a rough demo recording (and I know I've taken license by pronouncing "quay" the Steven Malkmus way, haha), but enjoy. 

 And here are the lyrics:


You get off work at 6:15
I'm leaving at 6:30 on the dot
Take the subway to the Queen's Quay
Or else drive and try for a close parking spot

You've had a rough day I can tell
By your car's ashtray overflowing
I check for quarters in the seat
To feed the metres at the Skydome

    And on the way going
    I hope the dome's open
    T-dot's lights are bright
    On this hot July night
    Just drive

I wouldn't mind a short quick stop
At Kensington Market to end the day
But I know you've got somewhere to go tomorrow
And we're out of loonies anyway

      So on the way home
      We're fighting again but we both know
      One day, we'll be
      Perfect like Stieb.

(c) International Graduate University, 2008