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Home Opener Bantering

How many teams get to roll into their Home Opener with a 5-1 record? Just us. Who has 2 of the 3 guys tied for the most homers in the league and the pitcher with the most wins? Us. How many teams have a reliever (sadly on the DL) with a book on the best seller list? Just us again.

Since we are talking about Dirk and his great book, if you don't have it yet, he is doing a book signing and reading today in Toronto at the Chapters Festival Hall at 4:00. He'll just be signing the book there, but wouldn't it be great to have a Garfoose sketch in your book. If you are going down for opening day, that Chapters is just a couple of minutes away from Rogers Centre. 

If you do get down to see him, tell him Bluebird Banter sent you. He will just look at you funny. Who? But still.....

  • What did you think of Sam Consentino's play by play? I really disliked him the first game, but thought he was better (not good but better) the second game. He didn't quite get as excited over every play. I am liking Pat Tabler doing the color. I am hoping they stick with him, he seems to get along well with Buck Martinez, he knows the game and he doesn't feel like he has to talk every moment. Of the three headed color commentator monster from past years, he is clearly the best.
  • The Drunks have their guide to opening day. I'm not so big on drinking at the park, I'll get a beer or maybe two but if I was going to get drunk, bars are a lot cheaper.
  • The Southpaw feels for whatever reason, he has to explain why he thinks the Jays could finish .500 this year. I don't think they will quite make .500 but he makes his case. I can see 76 wins easy. Folks that think they will lose 100 games over think the loss of Halladay. Roy was 17 and 10 last year. We lost 87 games. Marcum will fill most of Halladay's starts and I'm not expecting him to be as good as Doc but I'm not expectin him to be 3 and 23 either.
  • Jeremy Sandler in the National Post talks about how the Jays can keep their fan support.
  • MLB Trade Rumors has a bit on trading Vernon. I know this is everyone's dream but it isn't going to happen.
  • Buck Martinez answers some emailed questions at One of the questions is 'who will have a breakout year:

 I really think Travis Snider is poised to have a breakout season in 2010. All spring long I have sensed a level of confidence in Travis that wasn't there before. He worked hard in the off-season to reshape his body, as a result, he is stronger but even quicker in the field. Young players put so much pressure on themselves to produce with the bat before they have the experience to be a good major league hitter. I think it takes about 1200 to 1500 major league at-bats before a player knows what kind of hitter he is and how the pitchers are going to attack him at the plate. Remember most of the athletes that make it to the majors have not dealt with a lot of failure throughout their career. How they handle the o-fers, will determine how they adjust to the challenges of facing tough pitching everyday. Travis also now understands there are ways to stay in the lineup when you aren't swinging a hot bat, good D, better base running and productive team at-bats. This will be a good year for Travis Snider.


  • And if you want to see a third base coach cheat, take a look at this. Minnesota third base coach Scott Ullger sends the runner home and then stands on third to decoy the defense. A dirty bit of cheatin'. H/T 'LoveTheJays'.