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I'm Committed....

Or at least I should be. 

I'm going to Toronto for a week at the end of June to watch the Jays play the Cardinals and Phillies from June 22 to 27. We did talk about going to Denver for a series but I've got the free week at the end of June and would rather watch the team with the DH than without. Add in that with it being in Toronto I can see 6 games for roughly what the 3 in Denver would have cost. 

So I'm putting it out there, anyone that wants to come to some games, meet up in Toronto for at least a drink or whatever we can do that would be great. Who knows, by then Cito might be willing to give Randy an at bat or two. 

For those of us outside the Toronto area, there is a little problem, they are hosting a G8 Summit from the 25-27, so hotel rooms might be hard to come by, so getting on it sooner would be better than later. And, of course, there will be some folks in town just there to cause troubles. But on the good side, odds are we'll get a chance to watch Roy Halladay, unfortunately wearing the wrong uniform. Can't have everything.