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Should the Jays Trade for Fred Lewis?

MLB Trade Rumors has a story up about the possibility of the Jays trading for San Francisco's outfielder Fred Lewis. Lewis is a left handed hitter so would make a natural platoon with Jose Bautista. The question is: would Cito use him that way? Cito isn't a big fan of platooning and he is a big fan of Bautista. So the worry would be that Cito was use him in Snider's spot, which I wouldn't be so happy about.

Bautista had a great September last year and was even better this spring. They told a story of an adjustment that Cito made to his swing. I'm always skeptical about those stories. As much as I'd like to think that Cito could take a look at my swing, tell me 'move your hands up an inch' and suddenly I become a hitter. But I don't think it works that way. So far this season Jose isn't hitting much (.161/.325/.323), but then it has only been 8 games.

Like all imagined trades, whether they should do it or not depends on what they would have to give up. Before the season started I said the worst thing that could happen is that the team hangs around the edge of being in the race and trades some prospects to try to get over the top. That we've started off great doesn't mean that anything has changed, we are still playing for the future. Anthopoulos is too smart to do trade off pieces of our future. 

What could we give up? Maybe the Giants would be interested in some guys like David Purcey, Robert Ray and/or Brian Dopirak? Guys that could be useful but have been passed by on out depth charts. 

Anyway, what do you think?