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So first ten games have been played, who thought we'd be 7-3 after 10?

Let's take a look at how things are going.


  • We have scored an average of 4.8 runs a game, good for 5th in the AL. 
  • Our batting average is sitting at .232, 11th best. 
  • OBP is .323 good for 8th. 
  • We are slugging at a .444 rate, 6th in the league.
  • Good news? We have 14 homers, 2nd to the White Sox. 9 of the 14 homers were hit by Gonzalez and Wells. 
  • 28 doubles, tops in the league. 
  • Less good, 90 strikeouts. Works out to 9 a game. Tops in the league by 17. 
  • Walks? We have 44, 3rd in the league. 
  • Some guys are hitting well; Wells (1.294 OPS), Gonzalez (1.145), Molina (.929 in just 6 at bats) and Lind (.866). Jose Bautista is getting on base well (.388) despite not hitting great (.194).
  • Other guys are hitting less well; Overbay (.077/.159/.128), Hill (.125/.222/.250 but just 8 at bats), McDonald (.214/.214/.286), McCoy (.235/.278/.353), Encarnacion (.219/.270/.406) and Buck (.226/.265/.452).


  • We are allowing 4.2 runs a game, 6th best in the league.
  • Leading the league in hits/9 innings, just 7.2.
  • Second best in walks/9 with 3.2.
  • Fifth in strikeouts/9 with 7.3.
  • Our starters have thrown 63 innings in the 10 starts. 
  • Relievers have thrown 28.1 innings. 
  • Romero and Eveland each had 2 great starts. Marcum had 2 good starts. Tallet had an ok start and a bad start. Morrow, one bad start and one awful start. 
  • In the pen Downs and Gregg have been almost perfect. Camp and Janssen have been very good. Frasor...well you know. Valdez has only had the one poor appearance. 
  • We lead the league with 6 saves. And we've had two blown saves.