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Tell us your favorite story from being at a baseball game.

Got nothing this morning. Game last night was great fun, nice to see Lyle get a couple of hits. He's hitting the ball hard, but I'd still sit him against lefties. 

So thought I'd ask for your best story from being at a game. Me I like to talk to play at games. Once watching an Angels game in Anaheim there was rather loud, older Yankee fan sitting near us. Talked to him for a bit and he told how his dad took him to games and he saw Joe Dimaggio and the other greats. At a Triple-A game I talked to a fellow how was at the All Star game in Detroit in 1971 where Reggie Jackson hit a monster home run shot hit a transformer on a light stand on top of the right field stands roof. 

My favorite story, that I've told too often on here but will again, cause I like it. 

On our honeymoon my wife and I went to a number of baseball games (now that is a perfect wife, obvious why we've been married so long, and it's got nothing to do with me being of any value, it's all her). We went to a couple of games at Dodger Stadium with the Expos. The first game we sat in good seats. Second game we were up in the nose bleeds. My wife was sitting beside a little Mexican boy and his dad. The Expos didn't have a very good game, but we finally scored in the 5th and my wife cheered. The little boy asked my wife why  and she said 'we are Canadian'. The little boy spoke to his dad for a moment and then he and his dad changed seats so the dad was now sitting beside my wife. 

I don't know what Canadian meant to them, but I'm pretty sure they thought it was contagious.