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Mike Wilner Writes the Blog Post I Should Have.

I really should have written this

It is absolutely stupid that we could lose a game by a run in extras without getting Randy Ruiz an at bat, considering the line up we have. Fred Lewis being left in to face a lefty with Ruiz on the bench was just stupid, even though it worked out. And then leaving Mac to make the last out of the game with Ruiz on the bench was beyond stupid.

I love how Wilner describes that last at bat:

Standing at field level, I watched McDonald and he spent a few extra seconds in the on-deck circle after Buck returned to the dugout anticipating, I’m sure, Ruiz’s shadow to engulf him as the big pinch-hitter emerged from the dugout.  Nothing.  McDonald took a step towards the plate, then turned around to look back into the dugout, expecting to be called back.  Nope.  He then went to the plate and meekly grounded to short fighting off an 0-2 pitch to end the game.

And the defensive troubles if Ruiz batted and if the we tied the game:

Yes, you have to worry about your defense, and had the game gone to an 11th inning, it would have been awfully ugly - BUT YOU’D BE PLAYING IN THE 11TH INNING WITHOUT HAVING LOST THE GAME YET!

Which, of course, is the point. It is better to have defensive worries and still be in the game, than have no worries after a loss. You have to try to win the game. 

Yes I know, we can't pinch hit for anyone because they would 'be destroyed', which is one of those things I don't get. Isn't the player that doesn't get used getting 'destroyed' to instead then? 

Like Wilner said during Jays Talk there isn't another manager in the league that would have made it through that game without using Ruiz. Not one. And if Ruiz isn't getting into a game like that, then why are we carrying him on the roster.

Anyway, read all of Wilner's post, it's perfect and I should have written it.