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Friday Bantering: Adeiny Hechavarria and Thwipping Tuesdays.

Morgan Campbell in the Star lets us know that Adeiny Hechavarria will see his first action as a member of the Blue Jays organization. Saturday he will play an extended spring training game in Dunedin as DH. When the Jays decide he is ready to leave extended spring training he will join the Jays Single-A team in Dunedin. I kind of doubt we'll see him in Toronto this season but you never know. Hechavarria answered some questions for the media:

"Every day you have to find a way to improve," he said. "And until I feel good (about my batting) I'll find a way to get a little better every day."

Jordan Bastian answered a question in his 'Mail Bag' about Adeiny today. Part of the answer:

For now, Toronto's only priority is getting the 21-year-old Hechavarria acclimated to life in the United States. Anthopoulos said Hechavarria is taking aggressive English at the Blue Jays' complex in Florida and the club has put a solid support system in place to help the shortstop get accustomed to life as a professional ballplayer.

I got a laugh out of 'taking aggressive English'. I guess it is important to for him to learn how to call players on the other teams MF and the like. What he meant was Hechavarria is taking classes designed to get him to learn English quickly. But it does make for an interesting image, a class learning how to properly swear at Alex Rodriguez.

In other Jay news, Joe Carter will be in Toronto Monday to throw out the first pitch before the first game of the Red Sox series. 

And this Tuesday will be the first of "Tweeting Tuesdays" at Rogers Center:

Join the Toronto Blue Jays for their first ever Tweeting Tuesdays this Tuesday April 27, 2010 as the Jays will play host to the Boston Red Sox at Rogers Centre. Blue Jays Twitter followers will have the opportunity to interact and communicate with the Blue Jays and other Blue Jays fans while watching the game. Blue Jays followers will also have the opportunity to win prizes, and experience a Blue Jays game in a whole new way.

So if you feel the urge to send out thwips while you are at the ball park, Tuesdays are the days for you.