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View From the Other Side: Red Sox Series Preview.

I sent a few questions off to Randy Booth from SB Nation's great Red Sox site Over the Monster and eh was nice enough to send some answers backHow are you guys liking Marco Scutaro? We could use him back.

How are you guys liking Marco Scutaro? We could use him back.

I think the general opinion is that we like the guy. I really love watching him play. He's had a few problems in the field, but he's solid at shortstop and I love watching him at the plate. I think fans do, too, because they have many opportunities to catch a foul ball.

Could you give us a quick scouting report on the starting pitchers the Red Sox will be sending out this series?

Josh Beckett -- you don't know what you'll get. We don't know, either, honestly. He's been better than the numbers indicate, so it all depends if he can keep the ball in the strikezone.

Clay Buchholz -- the biggest headcase of them all may have it figured out after his best start of the year. Buchh is doing well this season and is finally starting to look confident.

Jon Lester -- you've caught him in April. Congratulations.

You've had a couple of injuries in the outfield, who is playing out there now?

Ted Williams, Fred Lynn and Trot Nixon ... or not. You'll see names like Drew, Hermida, Van Every, Hall and McDonald out there. You might see a Trot Nixon too, depending on who gets injured next.

What are manager Terry Francona's strengths and weaknesses?

He's got a lot of strengths, and many of those revolve around what he does in the clubhouse. On the field, he's not too shabby either. The biggest problem, in my opinion, over the years has been his bullpen decisions. He has been getting better recently, but he still gets some head-scratches now and again.

Who is your early season MVP and who is your early season disappointment?

For the Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia probably takes the MVP honors, despite falling off a bit lately. He's shown a lot of power early. The early disappointment is the guy we're about to talk about...

Has David Ortiz time come or is it just another slow start?

He's done. His bat has seemed to slow down and he just can't hit the ball square. It's like he's not seeing the ball well or something. He may have decent numbers when it's over -- but that's if he can stick on the roster.

Anything else we should know about the Red Sox before our first series of the year?

If the Jays lineup can't beat the Red Sox's starting pitchers, have no worry because you'll have your chance at the bullpen. And when the bullpen is in, anything is possible.

Thanks Randy