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Jays Lose to Red Sox

Red Sox 13 Jays 12

I'm glad I missed most of that. I'll admit what I did see I thought that the umpire was squeezing both teams pitchers and figured it would be high scoring. But 34 hits and 25 runs between the teams?

Things didn't go well for Dana Eveland, he does need the edges of the strike zone because if he has to groove pitches they are going to hit. He made it through 3 innings, 8 hits, 7 runs, 3 walks with 3 Ks. Jeremy Accardo pitched 1 inning and made it through giving up only the one run. Shawn Camp and Casey Janssen gave up 5 runs between them over 3 innings. Scott Downs and Kevin Gregg finally stemmed the flow of runs in the 8th and 9th respectively.

Offensive, our bats did almost as much damage as the Red Sox bats. We got 8 runs off Josh Beckett in 3 innings and then 4 more runs off of their bullpen. Adam Lind, Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay had 3 hits each. Fred Lewis and Alex Gonzalez had 2 hits each. Aaron Hill and John Buck had one hit, Hill walked twice as well. Bautista and Overbay had homers.  Travis Snider is the one Jay that didn't get a hit, he did take a walk.

Jays of the Day Lind (.257 WPA), Overbay (.243), Gonzalez (.116) and Bautista (.107). Suckage Jays are Eveland (-.399), Janssen (-.389), Accardo (-.192), Snider (-.169) and Buck (-.106).

It is really nice to see Overbay hitting again. Actually seeing anyone on the team hitting is good. Seeing someone pitching decent would be nice now. 

And yeah I was bidding on the Boston trip. My middle son is graduating from high school this year and I am going to take him to Boston for a couple of games as a present. I figured that way would get all the work of figuring the trip out done for me but I was busy all evening and could only call in occasionally. So now I have to figure out the trip on my own. Too bad. It seemed like a great trip.