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Jays Make Bullpen Moves. Accardo, Valdez down. Roenicke and Lewis Up.

Yeah, we knew it was coming. Jeremy Accardo has been optioned to Vegas and Merkin Valdez has been designated for assignment. I guess the team is hoping they can slip Valdez through waivers but I doubt he'll make it. 

Coming up is Josh Roenicke and Rommie Lewis. We figured Roenicke would be coming up soon, he hasn't given up a run in 8.2 innings in Vegas, with just 4 hits against. When we saw him this spring it looked like he was throwing hard but pretty straight and he was getting hit. It is likely a minor change could get him more movement on his pitches. He had pitched 2 innings in 3 of his appearances in Vegas. 

Rommie has a 2.35 ERA in Vegas, 10 hits, 3 walks and 7 K in 7.2 innings. He is a lefty. We saw him a few times this spring too, I can't say I thought that much of him then but we aren't using Valdez and Accardo has been terrible so trying someone else is a good idea. Cito said Rommie 'pitched outstanding' this spring and could have made the team if he didn't have options. 

Our pen has pitched a bunch the last couple of days so getting fresh arms is important. The big thing will be to see if Cito uses them. Valdez he clearly didn't want to use and he really didn't show great in the couple of games he got into. Whether he would have been better if he threw more often we don't know, but he didn't give Cito any reason to use him more.