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Tuesday Bantering: Bullpen Stuff

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Our new partner site, Fangraphs, has a story about the replacement of Accardo and Valdez with Roenicke and Lewis. As it rightly points out, neither Valdez or Accardo got much of a chance. Accardo didn't get into a game until the 12th, pitched a few time then sat 8 more days before being used again. Valdez was used even less. It's pretty tough for a reliever to do well without regular work. But then with a 7 man bullpen, it isn't an easy job for the manager to give everyone regular work. 

I'm hoping Josh Roenicke gets a better shot at showing well. I have a feeling Lewis will inherit Valdez' spot of only getting used when the game is well out of hand. Personally, I'd rather go with a 6 man bullpen. there hasn't been as enough work for the 7th guy and if we had one more player on the bench maybe we could pinch hit and not worry so much about not having players to fill defensive roles. I don't think the 7th arm in the pen is going to win you many games, but having the right guy on the bench to pinch hit just might win you the odd one. 

Course the bench players have the same worries that bullpen players do. If they don't get to play much it is hard for them to show well when they do play. Randy Ruiz has had 16 at bats so far this year. Now I don't see him as any great player, but it is impossible to show what he could do if he only gets 100 at bats on the season.  Course if Cito's not going to use someone, it might as well be Ruiz, it's not like he is holding the guy's development. 

Other Links:

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  • Paul Morosi, at Fox Sports, talks about our efforts to trade a reliever, which have taken a hit with how Frasor and Downs have pitched of late. I'm not sure that is a big deal just yet, I wouldn't expect them trade until closer to the deadline. Who knows how they will be throwing by then.
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