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Saturday Bantering: Links

The Jays have a press conference scheduled for 12:30 Eastern time, in Houston. There is a 'big announcement' coming. Unfortunately, I'm not in Houston. Everyone is guessing that they are finally going to announce the signing of 
Adeiny Hechavarria. I would think that is it. Hopefully they will also announce his age.

Some links:

John Lot in the National Post has a profile of Travis Snider. Snider admits it didn't handle things well last year.

"He's done all those things that he didn't do last year," Gaston said. "He's working hard with Murph. He's listening. He wants to learn. He's got himself in excellent shape. And the biggest thing is he's getting around on that fastball."

In the Globe Robert MacLeod previews the season ahead, I'd link to it, but he still thinks Scrabble will be in the starting rotation and that Jesse Carlson will be in the pen. I had to check twice to be sure, but it was posted yesterday. You'd think he'd get those things right.

Richard Griffin asks 5 questions about the American League. I am interested in the top one: Will the Jays win enough to keep the fans interested? The problem I have right now is that the team can't really sell the fans on coming out to see the young guys because we aren't playing many of the young guys. So if they don't win, how do you sell the team?

Back in the National Post, Jeremy Sandler says that the Jays should consider trading Aaron Hill.

In the Toronto Sun Bob Elliot asks the holdover players to compare this year's team to last year'.

The Southpaw talks about every player on our 25 man roster and a couple of extras.

At Baseball Prospectus, their Hit List puts the Jays as the worst team in the AL. I guess we will see.

Jordan Bastian, in with a bunch of other news, has a quote from Cito about Aaron Hill.

"Aaron's learning to become a great hitter. He's starting to learn how to sit on pitches, look for pitches . It's the same thing we talk about all the time, having an idea up there. He's starting to have a great idea up there."

Game time is 2:00 Eastern today, on TSN2. Brandon Morrow starts for the Jays. We'll likely be back before that if there is some news out of the press conference.