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Welcome to Plastic Beach: Friday Links

Hi everyone.

  • I loved this Jordan Bastian article on Travis Snider and how he isn't concerned with his rough April numbers.  Only 22 and much older and wiser than many of his detractors.  Walk on, Moonraker. 
  • Jeff Passan at Yahoo! had a great article on how baseball could be impacted by Arizona's new state immigration law.  I'm not sure how much, if any, coverage this has gotten up there in Canada but it's certainly on everyone's mind here in DC.  The Boss at work has already been on tv and in the papers voicing his concerns with the bill, and this isn't the place for politics anyway, but it is interesting to think about the impact it could have on baseball considering the major league and minor league teams in Arizona, not to mention the Arizona Fall League and Cactus League.  If I recall, Arizona relented its position on MLK day when faced with the loss of the Super Bowl, so sports really can have an impact on these things. 
  • The Drunks make a very good point regarding what sounds like some questionable advertising for Blue Jays games.  Guys, maybe the reason no one is coming to your team's games is because you bill them as a chance to see the other team's closer.
  • The Tao of Stieb is sick and tired of closed-roof games.  Sorry fellas, but one thing I have learned is that people love to whine about the cold.  It's what leads people to hellholes like, well, Arizona in search of what they consider to be "beautiful weather."  
  • The Southpaw has his watchful and observant eye on the Jays' pitching situation. 
  • Ghostrunner on First points out how many poor offensive indicators have the Jays either leading the league or very close.  
  • Mop Up Duty puts John Buck's big day in perspective. 

Tell us what's on your minds this fine Friday, bretheren and sistern in Jaydom.  Today's title comes from the recent new Gorrilaz record, which I've been digging even though my favourite member appears to have been replaced by an evil cyborg.