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Jays Lose to Rangers in the Ninth.

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Blue Jays 4 Rangers 5

There were lots of good things about today's game, just try to overlook the 9th. 

Shaun Marcum had a no hitter going into the 7th. He ended up going 7, giving up just 2 hits, 1 walk, with 6 K, but there was that wind blown 3 run homer to tie the game. That hurt, but the Jays got another run in the top of the 8th to give Marcum a shot at the win. 

Vernon Wells had a great day too, a 2 run homer in the first and then a single in the 8th to get us another lead. 3 for 4 on the day. Hopefully that will slow down the boos for a day or two. Adam Lind was 3 for 3 with a homer and a walk. The only Jays to hit were Aaron Hill who had double and Alex Gonzalez who had a single. The rest of the lineup had ofers. 

Scott Downs pitched a perfect 8th. 

The bad? Jason Frasor came in with a one run lead in the 9th. He gave up a leadoff double to Michael Young. He struck out Josh Hamilton. Vlad Guerrero got a soft bouncer that Aaron Hill made a great play on to keep the ball on the infield and the lead for the moment. Nelson Cruz fought off a pitch for a double down the line to tie the score. After an intentional walk, Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a deep fly, over a shallow outfield to win the game.

Travis Snider didn't have a good day either, going 0 for 4 with 3 Ks. 

Jays of the Day are Wells (.315 WPA), Downs (.150), Hill (.133) and Lind (.122). We'll give one to Marcum too even though his WPA was -.027. He was excellent. Suckage? Well Frasor (surprise -.781), John Buck (-.120) and Overbay (-.110). Snider was on the edge (-.096) but he also made a nice catch in left (even if he took a round about route to the ball. 

If you want a Cito rant. It the 8th with the bases loaded, 1 out and lefty pitcher, Cito allowed Overbay to bat. We all know Lyle doesn't hit lefties and he struck out. Unfortunately, this is Cito, he doesn't like to pinch hit and he wouldn't with a lead for Lyle because he doesn't like Ruiz at first. We have a choice, get used to it or drink a lot. 

So an off day tomorrow and then Wednesday our number 2 starter, Brian Tallet, goes up against the Rangers.