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Tuesday Bantering: Reaction to Lind's Contract and Opening Day Notes

Best news of the day? Dirk's book has made it to the little outpost on the edge of no where that I call home. I picked it up last night, forcing the Chapter's employee to go into the back to look for it.  I'm 100 pages in and I'm enjoying it. Apparently it is selling great. It deserves it. I'm sure Dirk would like you to buy a copy for all your friends and relatives. 

You gotta love Jordan Bastian. From his post game blog:

Jason Frasor blew his first save opportunity of the season. Oh no! Now his trade value with sink! Or he won't be worth a compensation pick! There's a closer controversy! Give the job to Kevin Gregg! Give it to Scott Downs!

It is too bad it happened on opening day, but blown saves will happen. Even Mariano Rivera has blown the odd one. 

I would have pinched hit for Overbay but Cito just said a couple of weeks ago that Lyle would be the everyday first baseman, you can't expect him to pinch hit on the first day. 

Ken Rosenthal figures other agents are unhappy with Adam Lind's contract:

"Three club options? The union hates those deals and understandably so," one agent said. "He should have gotten those numbers without the options. The arbitration process rewards offensive production, and this kid is going to produce."

I can understand why other agents wouldn't like the deal but if Adam's happy that is what counts. Agents and teams use other contracts to compare to when negotiating for their clients. 

He also talks to 'a rival excecutive' about Shaun Marcum's start yesterday:

"He competes. He throws strikes. He had a very good changeup early in that game, going away, away, away. Finally (the Rangers) made an adjustment. All of their hits were to the opposite field."

"All their hits"???? There were 2 hits right? One was an off balance swing on a pitch outside that made it over the fence somehow. I'm not sure that 2 hits in an inning shows a deliberate change in approach at the plate. 

While we may not have won the game, we did win something. has us winning the award for the 'Lousiest Opening Day Loss'. Do we get a trophy?

Also on SB, Jack Cust is thrilled with being designated for assignment. Thrilled I tell you. 

Over at Athletics Nations Billy Beane talked to Tyler Bleszinski. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is there.

Pedro Martinez is looking for a job. You wouldn't think it would be hard to find him one, after being 5-1 with a 3.63 ERA in 9 starts last year.

Enjoy the off day.