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Two Homers from Vernon Wells, Jays Beat Rangers.

Blue Jays 7 Rangers 4

Games are much better when we win. We got 7 runs on just 5 hits tonight, but the 10 (!) walks helped. And Vernon Wells, crushed two home runs, 2 for 3, 4 runs, 3 RBI and a walk for good measure. That gives him 3 homers and 6 RBI after two games. Wait till he gets warmed up. Alex Gonzalez had a home run as well, it was helped some by the wind blowing out to center. 

Travis Snider and Jose Bautista drove in a run each on bases loaded walks. Snider also had a double, but then was caught off second on a ground ball to the hole at short. It took a terrific play by Elvis Andrus to catch him, but it likely cost Aaron Hill an infield single. 

We didn't play flawless defense. Edwin Encarnacion made his second error of the season, a ground ball that went right through his legs. He did drive in a run with a sac fly, but he is going to drive us to drink with his D. Jose Bautista booted an easy to pick up ball on a single to him in RF. Then Alex Gonzalez threw the ball away on the same play. So the three errors cost us 2 runs.

Brian Tallet pitched a fine game. I don't like him in the rotation, but no way do I cheer against him. He ate 6.2 innings, gave up just 4 hits, 3 walks, 4 runs, 2 earned, struck out 6. He did give up 2 home runs. One crushed by Vlady on a pitch that was above the strike zone. I have no idea where you should pitch him. And one by Nelson Cruz, that was helped out by the wind. 

Kevin Gregg pitched a perfect 1.1 innings, looked great. Jason Frasor gave us a moment of worry, allowing a lead off double to Chris Davis, but then got 3 straight outs, with 2 K's. That's a save without at least a moment of concern.

Jays of the Day are Vernon Wells (.276 WPA), Kevin Gregg (.156) and Travis Snider (.135). I almost took Snider's JoD away for the bad base running but he did a great job taking the bases loaded walk. Honorable Mention to Tallet whose WPA number was hurt by the errors behind him. He pitched a strong game. Suckage Jay was Aaron Hill with a -.128 WPA. He did take a walk today but ground out with the bases loaded to end the fourth and was 0 for 4..

So after two games, we've had two really good performances from our starting pitchers. And after two games we have three regulars still looking for their first hits: Jose Bautista (who hit everything thrown at him this spring), Lyle Overbay (who also had a good spring) and Edwin Encarnacion. Bautista has 3 walks and Overbay 4 so isn't like they haven't been helping. Edwin has a walk and an RBI. 

Tomorrow's game is a 2:00 Eastern start. Ricky Romero goes against C.J. Wilson. The Game Thread was great fun tonight, so join in tomorrow if you can.

Man it is great to see Vernon have a hot start.