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Our Minor League First Basemen

We took a quick look at our minor league catchers yesterday, why don't we run through the first basemen.

Las Vegas:

Brett Wallace is hitting .272/.369/.619 with 8 home runs. He's been in a bit of a slump, at least batting average wise, hitting .237 in the last ten games. A lot has been made of a change in his swing, giving him more power, I'm always a little skeptical about that sort of thing. You don't think the power could have come because of playing in Vegas? He has made a couple of errors at first base. 

Brian Dopirak is hitting .254/.286/.437 with 3 home runs. He has been in a bit of a dive the last ten games too, hitting .212. 

New Hampshire:

David Cooper is hitting .250/.323/.310 with no home runs. Not exactly tearing things up to start his second time through Double-A.


Michael McDade is hitting .188/.254/.313 with 2 homers. So not doing great at the start of his first High-A season. I'm hoping he'll pick it up. 


Balbino Fuenmayor has been moved from third to first and isn't having a great start to the year either, .214/.241/.333. He's just 20, so he has some time to figure things out.

The lower levels haven't started their seasons yet. Lance Durham played first in Auburn last year, likely will again. Canadian Kevin Denis-Fortier played first for the GCL Jays last year and is still on their roster, but he's 22 now. Jonnathan Valdez is there too. Neither are prospects. On the Dominican Summer League we have John Delgado, a 19 year old international free agent signing from 2008. He's a big kid, 6'3", left handed bat. 

Whoops, I forgot about KC Hobson who would likely start at Auburn after being drafted last year.  

We haven't heard a thing about Cuban first baseman Jose Julio Ruiz, who the Jays were interested in and was 'close to signing' back in February, for a long time now.