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Will Cito Gaston Get Manager of the Year Votes?

I was thinking about how, though we rag on Cito a lot around here (and often for good reason) he has a team that, even though it was picked by many for last place, is several games above .500 at the moment. He, quite clearly, is doing some things right.

And then today I saw this in the Hardball Talk 'Power Rankings' (and when you got to that page, notice the Rockies entry links to a story on SB Nation's Purple Row) had this line:

12. Blue Jays: For someone who was supposed to be a disinterested, lame duck manager of a rebuilding team, Cito Gaston is doing quite a bit to snag some manager of the year votes thus far, ain't he?

So what do you think? If the Jays continue above .500 does Cito deserve Manager of the Year votes? I know it is a long ways off and a lot of things can happen. But

And what is it that he does right? I mean, we can point to the lack of in game moves. His, how best to say it, loyalty to some players. His sometimes curious use of his pitching staff.

What he does right is a little more elusive, but it does seem that he has a sort of quiet confidence. Very quiet. He is a good batting coach, even if we feel we are a little power swing happy in the early going this year. He doesn't panic (or if he does, you can't tell because he doesn't, you know, move much). The confidence he has in some players does seem to rub off on some of them. He isn't going to manage you out of games. Rarely is he going to put on that bunt that kills the offensive momentum or try the hit and run against a pitcher that can't find the plate. And some players do seem to like him and like to play for him. I'd imagine the ones that are glued to the bench, maybe a little less so.

So what do you think he does well?