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Morrow Walks Half a Dozen, Jays Lose.

Blue Jays 6 Red Sox 7

If I just say "that was awful, will that do for a recap? No?

That was the dumbest game I've watched in a long time. Brandon Morrow started the game by walking Marco Scutaro, because you have to set the theme of the game right from the start. To sort of be fair to Brandon, in that at bat, according to Game Day, he threw 4 pitches right on the outside of the plate and only 1 was called a strike. That was the night it was, the umpire was about as consistent as Morrow was. Dustin Pedroia doubled. Then Victor Martinez singled on a ground ball up the middle that Aaron Hill should have made a play on and if he didn't he had to knock it down to keep it in the infield to stop the runner scoring from second. It really wasn't a hard play. After that Brandon struck out the side.

The second inning was far worse. It went walk, strikeout, walk, walk, walk. Then Victor Martinez hit an easy double play ground ball. Gonzalez to Hill to..... the first row of the stands. We really could have used that DP. It would have got us out of the inning with lead still. After that, it was walk, single and bye to Morrow. Josh Roenicke came in, walked another (because what fun would it be to only have 5 walks in the inning) and then got the ground out to finally end the inning and we were down by two.

Roenicke pitched a pretty good for 2.1 innings. Rommie Lewis pitched 3 scoreless innings only allowing 1 hit. Casey Janssen pitched a scoreless 9th.

Offensively we had a good second inning, scoring 4 runs despite a ball that hit the very very top of the Green Monster being called a double after a video review. We got 2 more in the 5th off a Jose Bautista home run, but we came up one run short. Fred Lewis, Alex Gonzalez, and John Buck had 2 hits each. Bautista had the homer and Travis Snider had a single. Hill, Adam Lind, Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay were all 0 for. It should be pretty tough to win if your 2, 3, 4 and 5 hitters all don't hit. 

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.244 WPA), Rommie Lewis (.163) and Buck (.098). Suckage Jays are Morrow (-.500), Lind (-.203), Wells (-.133) and Snider (-.111). I think we ought to add one more for Hill for the lack of offense and the blown defensive plays. 

It was just a bad bad game. As well as the Hill misplays, Alex Gonzalez threw a ball into right on an easy force play. That cost us another run. A big run as it turned out, since we lost by that run. 

I guess we are going to have games like this. And Brandon is really going to have days like this. His ERA in his 5 starts before this one was 2.96. A couple of plays made behind him and some calls going his way would have helped but you have to be able to overcome those things. Morrow's one that, at least for awhile, is always going to be on the edge, he'd not going to be able to overcome them. 

Tomorrow Dana Eveland (3-1, 3.82) goes up against Daisuke Matsuzaka (1-1, 9.90). I get the feeling we might see a few runs again.