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Jays-Phillies Series Moved to Philadelphia

Yep, of course since I have a flight booked to Toronto so I could go to that series (and the Cardinal series before it), it gets moved. From Bud Selig:

After reviewing all of the options with the parties and taking all of the security considerations into account, it was determined that the best course of action is to play the series in Philadelphia.

The games will be played with the DH and with the Jays having last at bats.

So Jay fans will miss the chance of seeing Roy Halladay. And I've got to see if I can change some flights around. 

Damn it.


The Jays sent an press release saying people that hold tickets will get their money back:

All ticket holders will receive both a full refund on their tickets and one free ticket voucher for each ticket refunded for any upcoming home game during the 2010 regular season (subject to availability). As well, all Toronto Blue Jays full season ticket holders will have access to purchase tickets in Philadelphia for the relocated series.

People that bought their tickets through Stub Hub or another reseller? Well, they may be out of luck. They are to contact who the people that they purchased the tickets from.