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Paul Beeston's Press Conference.

I wanted to talk about Beeston's right after it was over but life got in the way. Anyway....

Beeston said a few things that interested me:

After the jump of course.

Other sites (to play) weren't considered. Philadelphia was easiest. If we played somewhere else both teams would be visitors.

I really don't understand this. We were going to be visitors no matter where the series went, why are we worried about the comfort of the Phillies. Yeah, it is nice and easy for the Phillies that we play there, but that shouldn't be a consideration at all for the Jays. Playing in Detroit would make it easier for Jay fans to get to the games. At least then it could feel like a home game for the Jays and Jay fans could still see Roy Halladay.

No it wouldn't be a perfect solution, but at least it has the benefit of being a bother for both the Jays and the Phillies, instead of just a bother for the Jays, and would be a nice thing for the Toronto fans. And people flying out to Toronto for the games.

Beeston mentioned Phillies' fans that might have been flying into Toronto, and had booked flights and hotels:

I'm sure we'll hear from them.

He suggested something might be done to compensate them. Nothing was mentioned of Jay fans from outside of Toronto that might be flying in for the games. Putting aside my own self interest, it sort of bothers me that Paul doesn't even consider that there might be fans of the Blue Jays that live outside the GTA.

Other things Beeston mentioned:

  • That it was done 'in the best interest of the fans'. I guess really it was in the best interest of the Philadelphia fans. 
  • He will request of MLB to have the Phillies play in Toronto next year.
  • He said that having the baseball in Toronto with the G20 there 'could have been very good'. Sort of great advertising for the team and the city.
  • They expected 90,000 people out to the three games.
  • Financial arrangements have been made with the Phillies. He used the term 'revenue neutral' about 15 times. I'm not sure what he meant by that. Will the team make the same amount of money it would have if the games were in Toronto? Does it mean we won't make money or loss money? That the Jays and Phillies will share all revenue equally?
  • He told us that the Phillies were "terrific people to work with" half a dozen times. I can imagine they would be. 'Hey we are going to give you 3 more home dates, helping your bottom line, your chances in the pennant race and saving you from flying to Toronto.
  • They 'could have played a doubleheader Friday night or moved the day games to night games.
  • They 'could have put their foot down and said we are playing here.
  • They should have done this back in April. No kidding.

Anyway, just for me personally, it sure messes up the trip I was planning. I have tickets for the Cardinal series that is just before the Philadelphia series and have a hotel room for the week, in downtown Toronto, which, in my mind, I can see shrouded in a fog of tear gas. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe see if I can get an earlier flight back. Or see if I can rent a car and drive to Philadelphia for the series there. Or maybe I'll join with the protesters and try to hurl rocks at the police.