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Jays lose to Boston Again

Blue Jays 1 Red Sox 6

It's going to be a short recap...the site was down and I couldn't log in for a while. 

Another night with no offense. We only got 4 hits on the night, 2 each for Fred Lewis and John Buck. Everyone else was 0 for. Travis Snider had our one walk. And we struck out 11 times. Dicek didn't look like a pitcher that should have an ERA over 9. I'm not sure how much was good pitching and how much was lousy batting. 

Pitching: Dana Eveland wasn't good. 4 innings, 6 earned, 6 hits and 4 walks including a homer given up to Varitek. Our bullpen once again shut down the other team, but once again it was too late. Camp Janssen and Frasor didn't allow a run in 4 innings. 

No Jays of the Day today. Suckage Jay is Eveland (-.196 WPA).

Tomorrow we have an afternoon game, Shawn Marcum goes against Tim Wakefield. Hopefully our bats can figure him out.