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Shaun Marcum Pitches a Great Game, Travis Snider Drives in 3. Jays Win.

Blue Jays 3 Red Sox 2

What I said about it sometimes being hard to be a Jays fan. Not so much when Shaun Marcum is pitching. Or when Travis Snider is batting. 

Marcum went 7 innings, giving up just 2 singles, 1 walk with 6 strikeouts. He likely could have gone one more inning but he was up at 103 pitches. No sense stretching it with a guy that had Tommy John. Scott Downs a scoreless 8th, despite a single and a couple of line drives. Kevin Gregg gave us a bit of a scare, giving up 2 runs in the 9th but he got the save, helped a bit by the extra couple of inches off the outside of the strike zone that the plate umpire was giving all day. 

We had a tough time with Wakefield's knuckleball. When he gets that first strike with it he's pretty tough. If it flutters out of the zone, he has to be more careful and is very hittable. That said, Travis Snider had little trouble with it, getting a double and a homer and driving in all our runs.

So obviously Jays of the Day are Marcum (.470 WPA) and Snider (.270). No suckage Jay, Wells came close at -.091. He, Fred Lewis, Alex Gonzalez and John McDonald all had 0 fors.

McDonald made a pair of very nice over-the-shoulder type catches, one that got us the last out of the game. Lewis made a couple of nice catches in LF too.

I'll admit I'm glad to be done with Boston for a bit, I get tired of watching them argue every call that goes against them. I'd like to see some of them grow up, take the odd strike 3 and walk off the field. I know it is asking a lot. 

All-in-all a great road trip. We finished it 7-3. Now it is time to win some at home. Texas is next up starting on Friday.