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How would you put together the Jays batting order?

Yesterday Richard Griffin put up a story saying it was time for Cito to change around the batting order. Richard (I can call you Richard right?), sorry Mr. Griffin, I don't say this very often, but I'm with you.

The time is absolutely right for change.

Sing out man, we are right behind you. Tell Cito what to do:

Fred Lewis lf; Alex Gonzalez ss; Hill 2b; Vernon Wells cf; Lind dh; Jose Bautista 3b; Lyle Overbay 1b; John Buck c; Travis Snider rf.

Stop singing. Oh Richard, you had us at change. Then this? So your major change is to move Gonzalez into the 2 spot? Now I'll agree Sea Bass is hitting much better than anyone had a right to think he would. But he's getting on base at a .291 rate. He seems sort of allergic to taking walks. His hot April start (.289/.317/.629) has cooled a bunch in May (.191/.240/.447). If we are going to move guys around, let's not do it on a bases of a hot streak from last month.

Now you've moved Hill back a spot, ok, I don't care that much. Lind back two spots. That I care a bit more about. He is in a slump but you and I, we know he'll pull out of it, right? But ok, he's protecting Vernon, not that Vernon really looks to be hurting from his lack of protection. Lyle's back a couple of spots, a .169 BA after 35 game ought to do at least that.

Travis Snider ninth? What does the guy have to do to get some respect. Yeah he started slow, but you did notice he was hitting the ball hard even when it was finding gloves right? Since the start of May he's been hitting .366/.395/.659. I know it won't last but I think it is good that the cosmos is paying him back for that April he suffered through, while keeping his head up. You do understand that, among our regulars, the only trails Vernon, Fred and Jose in OBP (and is just behind Fred and Jose), right?

Anyway, Richard has given us his plan. Why don't we make our own suggestions. Give us your preferred batting order. If you want to give us one for facing lefties and one for righties, that would be find too. If you want to change out a guy or two and put in a bench player, go ahead. 

One rule. Stick to the guys on the active roster at the moment. I know we'd like to see Wallace, but it isn't happening (today anyway).