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Little Bits of Blue Jay News

I got a couple of press releases from the Jays today. No replies to my emails with questions about the Phillies series but press releases. Oh well.

One press release was to tell us that all of this season's Blue Jay games will be shown on Rogers Sportsnet. Or at least, each game will be shown on one of their 52 channels. The plan had been for TSN to show 25 games this year but RSN has traded the MLB Sunday Night Baseball games to TSN (and an anchorman to be named later).  I guess it makes sense, Rogers owns the Jays so having all the games on their network works. That means no Rod Black calling the games and more Buck Martinez. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

TSN has been showing Blue Jays games since the Jays first season.

The other press release told us that the Jays have outrighted Shawn Bowman to New Hampshire of the Eastern League. That means the Jays have taken Bowman off their 40 man roster and that he has cleared waivers. That brings the Jays down to 39 players the 40 man. 

The move itself means nothing but clearing a spot on the 40 man might mean something. You imagine they wanted the roster spot for someone else. It could be clearing the spot for when Jesse Litsch comes off the 60 DL, but that won't be for a little while yet. 

In other MLB news, the Royals have fired manager Trey Hillman. Former Brewers manager Ned Yost will be taking over. The Royals are 12 and 23 this season, so the Royals are punishing him for that, I guess. But I can't imagine anyone winning with that roster.