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Ricky Romeros Throws a Shutout, Jose Bautista Hits 2 Home Runs.

Rangers 0 Jays 6

Ricky Romero did just what we needed today. After the bullpen pitched 7 yesterday, a day off today for the relievers is a good thing. He had to go deep into the game and he did. Complete game shutout. 5 hits, just the one walk and 12 strikeouts. Just a great performance. Halladay couldn't have done better. 

Our offense didn't have to do much. Jose Bautista did enough by himself. 3 for 4, 2 homers and 5 RBI. He even made a couple of nice plays in the field. Everyone else in the lineup had 1 hit, except for Randy Ruiz, 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. I'm thinking it is time to pull the plug on him. He's hitting a big .139 at the moment and doesn't seem to have a clue at the plate. I would think that when Encarnacion is ready to play, Randy will be leaving us. 

Jays of the Day? You guessed it, Romero (.456 WPA) and Bautista (.171). No suckage Jays. Overbay had the worst number (-.070), a strikeout with the bases loaded in the first didn't help. 

Not much more to say about that one. Tomorrow we go for the sweep with Brandon Morrow (2-3, 6.69) starting. Hope someone points out where home plate is for him. Colby Lewis (3-1, 3.15) starts for the Rangers. 

The game thread was a lot of fun today. Join in with us tomorrow.