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Third Worst BABIP in Baseball? Brandon Morrow

I'm stealing a chart from this story on

BABIP Highest
.181 Norris 
.213 Niese 
.223 Harang 
.224 Floyd 

So our friend Brandon Morrow is on the list. The thing about Morrow is that there isn't all that many balls put into play. He has struck out 46 in 35 innings and he's walked way too many (26). He is allowing about a hit an inning, 34 hits. I was surprised to see him on the list, since we have a pretty good defense.

I'm wondering how much if it is bad luck? Last season with the Mariners he had a .296 BABIP, much more normal. But then commentators talk endlessly about it being hard on fielders when there aren't many balls in play. A typical Morrow inning could have a couple of walks and a couple of strikeouts, 10 minutes can go by without the fielders having to make a move. 

Then, for me, this is what fielders are paid for, they should be ready when the time comes. The average LFer only gets 3 or 4 balls hit towards him a game, but he still has to be ready when one comes his way. Even the infielders only get a few balls hit to them each game. Though I can imagine there is some boredom that sets in when an inning goes by and nothing is put into play, I think ball players should be able to deal with it. 

I'm sure it's mostly been bad luck and balls will find the fielder's gloves. Starting today with any luck at all.