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Monday Morning Bantering: Elias Rankings and Links

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Good morning, Mondays always look better after a weekend sweep.

At MLB Trade Rumors they have an early season look at what the Elias Rankings would be (if the season ended now). Some Jays of interest. John Buck would be a borderline B. Jose Bautista and Lyle Overbay are a long ways off B status. Alex Gonzalez is just short of making the cut off for the B's, if he keeps playing like he has, he'd likely make it.

Ricky Romero is an A pitcher (not that he'll be a free agent). He is number 6 on the list, just behind Zack Greinke. No other Jay starter is an A or B. Brian Tallet is a ways back. Kevin Gregg and Scott Downs are A relievers. Jason Frasor and Shawn Camp make the B list. 

Other Links:

  • John Lott writes about our pitchers in rehab as does the Southpaw. Will figures Jesse Litsch to be the first to join the rotation with Scrabble staying in Vegas until needed. 
  • John Lott (he's a busy guy) also mentions that Shaun Marcum made a helpful suggestion to Brandon Morrow:

Shortly after his embarrassing exit at Fenway Park last Tuesday, Brandon Morrow received a critique from fellow pitcher Shaun Marcum. You are collapsing on your back leg during your delivery, Marcum told him. Your body is rotating too fast. Your mechanics are out of whack.

  • Jeff Blair has a little bit about the Jays in his column. Here is part:

The knock against Lewis has been his defence, but Kimball Crossley, who scouts the Cactus League for the Blue Jays, was "adamant that the concerns were overblown," according to Anthopoulos - who sounds as if he views Lewis as something more than a short-term proposition. "We just felt last season wasn't a true indication of his ability, but rather 2008 when he was an everyday player," Anthopoulos said.

  • Satchel Price at Beyond the Boxscore thinks we 'might' have an Ace in Ricky Romero. 
  • And, if you are interested (and I can't see why you would be, late last night I answered some questions about our Jays for (Fox Sports North). Digressing for a moment, I hate rereading  things I write just before bed. Things that I thought were funny, when I was tired, turn out to be, at best, a lot less funny.