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Takes a Canadian to Beat the Jays, Justin Morneau Homers Twice

Twins 8 Blue Jays 3

I don't really want to talk about this one. 

Dana Eveland didn't pitch all that badly but we didn't turn ground balls into outs far too often. Delmon Young took Eveland deep.  Morneau took Rommie Lewis and Shaun Camp deep. 

Offensively, we did get 11 hits, 3 for Vernon Wells, 2 each for Adam Lind and Alex Gonzalez. Jose Bautista hit his 11th home run. Everyone else had one single except for Aaron Hill and Lyle Overbay.

Lyle.....I don't know what to say. He went 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. He also made two errors on the same play, in the 4th, and straight out missed two ground balls he that he should have had easy, both bounced under his glove. I don't know if he is taking his batting troubles into the field or if he's just forgotten how to play the game. Why Overbay would have forgotten how to hit over the winter is another thing I don't know, but unless there is some injury (in which case he should be on the DL) that seems to be what has happened.

I know the Jays would like to see Lyle turn it around so that maybe they could get something back for him in a trade, but we are a month and a half into the season and there is no sign that it might happen. The Jays would also like Brett Wallace to stay in Vegas to learn the position better. I have to ask though, at this point, what could it hurt to have him do the rest of his learning in Toronto with the help of Brian Butterfield?

Hill? I thought on the weekend he was showing some encouraging signs, but tonight, not so much. He did have a couple of 6 pitch at bats where he did foul off a few pitches. I don't think he hit anything hard today though. I'm sure he will turn things around soon. Overbay, I'm far less hopeful.

Jay of the Day is Wells (.099 WPA). He is looking a lot smoother in CF than he did last year. Suckage Jays? Well Dana Eveland had the numbers (-.372). He was hurt by Overbay not making the plays behind him and other times it seemed like soft ground balls just missed fielders, but we have to give him one. He did walk 4 batters. Other Suckage awards go to Overbay (-.109 and that isn't counting the fielding (or lack there of)) and Hill (-.109).

In the credit where it is due department, Alex Gonzalez made a couple of very nice plays in the field, including an other the shoulder catch in the first inning that was just great. Jose Bautista made a couple of good plays as well. He has an arm that makes you wonder if he should have been a pitcher. And John Buck made a sliding pickup on a bunt single attempt and then threw the batter out from his knees. There are always some things worth watching, even in a bad loss.

Tomorrow at 12:37 Eastern Shaun Marcum (2-1, 2.78) goes against Carl Pavano (4-3, 3.30). I love watching Marcum pitch but I totally hate when Pavano shuts us down but then he is 3-4 with a 5.59 ERA against us so it hasn't happened often.