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We made too many wrong mistakes: Game Thread Twins at Jay, and random comments.

That wasn't a fun game yesterday, but then we won the 5 games before it, so shouldn't be greedy. I thought the Yogi Berra quote was appropriate.

So in the on going 'what should I do about a hotel and flight to Toronto for games that aren't going to be there' department, there is no new information. I did get the nice reply, last week, telling me they would contact me when they have answers. Since then nothing. I still don't know what the best plan would be. I have tickets to the Cardinal series, but have a hotel downtown that's likely going to be in the middle of a 'police state'. Driving to Philly to see the games has an appeal but getting the money back from the hotel in Toronto is tougher when booked through Expedia.

Oh well, maybe they will get back to me at some point. I'd be sort of ok if they replied saying 'we read the terrible things you say about Cito, we are going to do a thing for you, you scum'. But not replying just seems like bad business practice. It seems to me that if you cared about your customers you'd want to communicate.

It isn't like there is a lot of us that want to go to Jay games.

Anyway a couple of overnight links:

  • The Drunks aren't big fans of booing home players. I agree with them totally. I can't imagine how bad my life would have to be for me to get pleasure in yelling at a baseball player.
  • Ghostrunner has a piece on Jose Bautista. I pretty much agree, if the hot streak can make him a more tradable item, do it. I do have doubts though, other GM's are going to need more than a couple of excellent weeks of play to be willing to part with anything too useful.
  • Tao of Stieb is sad about Snider, doesn't want to pile on Lyle Overbay, which I can understand and is worried about what happens when Tallet comes back.

Game stuff after the jump.

So today marks the return of Edwin Encarnacion. I can imagine that it will take a few days from him to get up to speed with the bat, since his rehab assignment was cut short. Lyle is still in the 5th spot. I don't know what to think. It is 40 games in and Lyle hasn't even come close to the Mendoza Line yet. You think maybe taking him out of the 5 hole might be a move by now? I guess it really doesn't make all that much difference but still, humor us. I hope he just makes the plays on defense today. I always have liked the guy. But if you aren't hitting and you aren't catching....there really isn't all that much more to the game. As the coach in Bull Durham said 'It's a simple game, you hit the ball, you throw the ball, you catch the ball'. Being as Lyle is at first base there isn't all that much throwing the ball to be done, and of course, his one throw yesterday was a mistake.

Today's lineups:


Minnesota Twins @ Toronto Blue Jays

05/18/10 12:37 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays
Denard Span - CF Fred Lewis - LF
Orlando Hudson - 2B Aaron Hill - 2B
Joe Mauer - C Adam Lind - DH
Justin Morneau - DH Vernon Wells - CF
Michael Cuddyer - 1B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Jason Kubel - RF Alex Gonzalez - SS
Delmon Young - LF Jose Bautista - RF
Brendan Harris - SS Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
Nick Punto - 3B Jose Molina - C

Shaun Marcum pitches for us. Carl Pavano for the Twin. Pavano, for what ever reason, isn't a favorite of mine. I can't even really say why. I mean, the Yankees paid him a fortune and he rarely pitched for them. That alone should make me like him. There should be nothing better than a guy that wastes Yankee money. But I hope we score 15 off him. And then do better in the second inning.

Join the Thread, enjoy the game. Remember we do have rules about swearing directly at a player. Saying a play is #$%$% is sometimes ok. Saying a player is #$%$% is never ok. I guess, since I have the pulpit for a moment, I'll mention too that I have a particular dislike for the word 'retard'. It has been popping up a bit in the threads. I guess I'm old and all but I think it's one that we could do without. Expressing opinions is good, calling people stupid, crazy or mentally deficient isn't.