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Shaun Marcum + 4 Jay Homer Runs = Win

Twins 2 Blue Jays 11

So, of course, when I say that Edwin Encarnacion would likely need a few at bats to 'get up to speed', since his rehab was cut short, he hits a home run in his first at bat. Oh well, I'm wrong so often it doesn't bother me anymore. Also hitting homers were Vernon Wells and yesterday's whipping boys Lyle Overbay and Aaron Hill. Very nice to see them have a good one. Lyle was 2 for 4, had a double and drove in 3. His batting average is up to .190.

Almost everyone got in on the fun. Fred Lewis and Jose Molina each had 3 hits. Adam Lind, Wells and Overbay each had 2. Every other starter had 1 hit, other than Jose Bautista, who is likely tired from too many home run trots of late. 

I wonder when the last time a team scored 11 runs without drawing a walk?

Shaun Marcum once again pitched great. 7 innings 5 hits, 2 walks, 3 K, 1 earned. 9 starts into the season, Shaun hasn't gone less than 6 innings and has given up as many as 4 runs just once. A pretty good advertisement for Tommy John surgery. 

Jays of the Day Shaun Marcum (.173 WPA). I'm also going to lower the bar slightly to give Encarnacion (.095) and Overbay (.091). It is hard to get to that .100 threshold when a team wins so big. No Suckage Jay today, Hill actually had the lowest number (-.039) surprisingly enough, even with a homer and 3 RBI. 

Hmmmm it seems like Lyle isn't happy. A thwip from Jordan Bastian:

So much for that feel-good angle. Overbay blows off reporters after the game. "I'll make it easy on you guys. No comment."

Tomorrow we start a series in Seattle. Brett Cecil (2-2, 5.46) goes up against Doug Fister (3-1, 1.72). That's a late start for you guys out east, 10:00. 

Winning is more fun than losing.