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Kevin Gregg Blown Save, Jays Lose to Mariners.

Mariners 4 Blue Jays 3

Unfortunately, when we signed Kevin Gregg we were afraid there would be days like this. Mostly he's been far better than we expected. Today, not so much. Lead off single, then he got the ground ball he wanted for the double play but it wasn't close enough to any of the infielders. Two walks later and it's a one run game. Not the biggest strike zone but you have to live with it. Sac fly tied it. Then Ken Griffey won it. Sad. Sad.

Everyone blows the odd save but it isn't fun when it happens. 

Ruined a start that Ricky Romero battled through, he only gave up 4 hits in 6.2 and 1 earned, but walked 3. Struck out 5. He wasn't great but still got the outs. It would have been nice to get him his fifth win. Frasor, Downs and Camp did a good job getting the lead to Gregg. 

Offensively we didn't do much but it should have been enough. Only 5 hits on the day for us, 2 for Alex Gonzalez. One each for Aaron Hill and Lyle Overbay who finally got his average to .200. The big hit was from Jose Bautista, a 2 run homer. That and an Edwin Encarnacion sac fly scored all our runs. 

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.259 WPA), Romero (.235), and Gonzalez (..112). Suckage Jay is Gregg, of course, -.922 WPA. Jose Molina (-.097) the numbers too but made a great throw out of Ichiro stealing, so we'll forgive. 

Tomorrow we start inter league play in Arizona. Bring your papers.