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Tuesday Bantering: Open Thread

I'm going to take a needed mental health break from the computer so I'll open it up to you guys, use the thread to talk about anything you feel like. Best part of our little blog is the comments anyway. Or if you have something greater that you want to talk about, today would be a good day to put up a fanpost.

Winning is fun, isn't it. And it was nice to see them score some runs without the help of the long ball. Not that I'll ever think hitting home runs is a bad thing. There have been a lot of stories about what percentage of runs scored come off home runs for us, and what a bad thing that is. I'm just sitting thinking, well yeah, we are hitting a lot of homers so we'll get a lot of runs off of them. When we hit fewer homers, we'll score other ways.

Richard Griffin has a profile on David Purcey.

But this is a different Purcey than they have ever seen. The 28-year-old former starter on Monday joined the Jays in time for the series opener against the Angels. It's not certain how long his stay will be because the Jays need a starter on June 1 and will ship out a reliever. Consider this Purcey's reward for hard work and cooperation in what is a major change in career paths.

He also says that Brian Tallet will come back when we need that 5th starter and stay around as a swing man after that.

If you want something to talk  about, here is a question for you. Which Jays would you like to see make the All-Star team?

Enjoy your Tuesday.