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Jays Lose 8-3 to Angels

Blue Jays 8 Angels 3

I guess all we have to say about that game is it sucked and go on to the next.

I fell sorry for Ricky Romero, having a bad game infront of so many of your friends and family isn't much fun. Bad games are going to happen, Ricky hasn't had many of them. 11 hits, 3 walks an 7 earned in 5.1 is not the way he wanted things to go. He did strike out a bunch (8).

Newly recalled David Purcey got an inning in and did well. Fly out, ground out, fly out. made it through on just 7 pitches, so that's a hopeful sign.

Offensively, again we let Ervin Santana get a complete game against us. He only gave up 4 hits, 3 of which were homers. After taking 8 walks yesterday we only took 1 today and we struck out 10 times. The home runs were hit by Jose Bautista, Aaron Hill and Jeremy Reed. Vernon Wells had our other hit, a double. Encarnacion struck out 3 times in 3 at bats. 

To round out a bad game, we also made 2 errors. Edwin Encarnacion made his first since coming back from injure and Aaron Hill threw a ball away too.

No Jay of the Day today. Romero (-.310) gets the suckage award. Brandon Morrow tries to get us the rubber match of the series against Joel Pineiro. It is an earlier start, 5:00 7:00 Eastern.