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Don't get me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry - Gm 49 - Jays @ Angels

Actors portrayal of JohnnyG in his workplace setting via <a href="http://www.mentalhelp.net/images/root/disrespectangry.jpg">www.mentalhelp.net</a>
Actors portrayal of JohnnyG in his workplace setting via www.mentalhelp.net

So as bad as things went yesterday for me as outlined in the game thread. It was worse today. As some of you may know I work with a company that deals with Investments. I work at the head office location and help financial advisors whenever they have issues with paperwork, errors or just questions in general. Specifically I am considered a senior person in my position and I deal with the top advisors in the Country from Ontario East. My Counterpart at work does the Western part of Canada in the same position. With the personnel movement at work I was losing my counterpart to a new job and they were promoting someone else on the team to the role. The problem is that person was going to be on vacation. No big deal I would cover the week and half the Vacation and role overlapped.

Now flashforward to today and I wake up in a bit of a funk, my stomach is upset and I didn't sleep well. Typically I don't call in sick but I was actually feeling bad enough to do it today. I decide against it. It is the first day that my new partner is in at work and I didn't think it would be fair and I was wasn't sick so to speak just an upset stomach and tired. I get into work and my new partner is late, grrrr. ok... I can deal... first day back from a trip things are kinda hectic. Once she arrives I figure everything will be good but instead things are all disorganized, her computer and phone aren't working properly and she won't send out the e-mails to the west coast reps to advise she is back until things get sorted out. She tells the team leader within earshot of me that she figured "I would take today to 'settle in'". I damn near choked. I had to get up and leave and go to the break room, grab a coffee anything to step away. Here I was having a crazy busy horribly crappy week of work covering for someone so that when they get back from their vacation they are not swamped and I don't even get a thank you. Instead it is treated like the first day of school where you do nothing all day and just play around telling stories from your summer vacation. ARGH! Johnny Smash! I know its not all her fault in fact not really her fault at all. The leaders said not to send anything out because of the communication problems but why weren't these things sorted out! It's not right I say! I want Justice!!! Or at least a bloody thank you.

Ok Deep breathes.... serenity now... serenity now.... Sorry about that.... long rant... didn't mean to ramble.

Where was I? Oh Right a game! I am sure that will calm me down as long as we don't have a pitcher going that has a tendency to be wild and walk a bunch...... /facepalm.

Brandon Morrow takes the mound today in the rubber match opposed by Joel Pineiro, last time out Morrow was pretty good It would sure be nice if he could put together a really nice streak because when he stuff is on he is dominant.... but I can see what he drove Mariner fans nuts. The trade for League seems fitting with the way these two make Fans pull out their fan and drop their jaw in sheer awe from one appearance to the next.

2010 - Brandon Morrow 3-4 9 9 0 0 0 0 45.0 50 34 34 5 28 59 6.80 1.73

2010 - Joel Pineiro 3-5 9 9 1 1 0 0 54.0 66 31 30 7 13 34 5.00 1.46

For the lineups it looks like Lewis is still out so Reed is back in LF and leading off. Same lineup as last night.

Tune in after the jump for lineups and series info. Today is the last game of our 8 game road trip. So far we are 3-4 so let's pull out the win today and head home with the .500 record for the trip and get to stringing some wins together.

Current Series

3 game series vs Angels @ Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Mon 05/24 WP: Brett Cecil (4 - 2)
LP: Joe Saunders (3 - 6)
6 - 0 win
Tue 05/25 WP: Ervin Santana (4 - 3)
LP: Ricky Romero (4 - 2)
3 - 8 loss

Toronto Blue Jays
@ Los Angeles Angels

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 7:05 PM EDT
Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Brandon Morrow vs Joel Pineiro

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to left field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 60.

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Toronto Blue Jays @ Los Angeles Angels

05/26/10 7:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Los Angeles Angels
Jeremy Reed - LF Erick Aybar - SS
Aaron Hill - 2B Howie Kendrick - 2B
Adam Lind - DH Bobby Abreu - RF
Vernon Wells - CF Torii Hunter - CF
Lyle Overbay - 1B Kendry Morales - 1B
Alex Gonzalez - SS Hideki Matsui - DH
Jose Bautista - RF Mike Napoli - C
John Buck - C Maicer Izturis - 3B
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Michael Ryan - LF

Keep it Civil... please.

Go Jays Go.

Title from pretty much any Hulk movie/comic/show you can find.