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Friday Morning Bantering

I hope everyone enjoyed the off day yesterday. Shows how addicted to baseball I am, I found myself missing it. There was a baseball related moment though, tickets for the Cardinal series in Toronto were dropped off by Fed Ex. I think all is set for that particular road trip, changes of hotel rooms, rental car, flight home moved back a few hours and I'm almost finished my anti-government signs, so I'm ready for baseball and G20. Just kidding, any RCMP types that might be reading this, I may be young enough to believe in revolution but I also believe it should happen at the ballot box. 

I have a busy weekend ahead. My son's high school grad is on Sunday, so Grandparents are coming. Before that we have a trip up to Banff for a couple of nights, unless the heavy snowfall warning they got shuts the town down. So my posting might be pretty light this weekend. 

A few links:

  • Ken Fidlin, in the Sun, notes that Cito hasn't decided who will start for the team next Tuesday, Brad Mills might be a good choice, and tells us Travis Snider is coming along well. 
  • Jeremy Sandler, in the National Post, gives JP Riccardi some credit for the good play we are seeing at the moment. 

But 21 of Toronto's 27 wins have been credited to pitchers drafted or acquired by Ricciardi. That includes three members of the starting rotation -- Shaun Marcum, Ricky Romero and Brett Cecil -- all 28 or younger, all with four wins, and all looking like important pieces for years to come.

  • Richard Griffin tells us that Aaron Hill is able to balance his baseball life and his family life
  • Tao of Stieb comments on the fun folks that have to tell us that the Jays aren't really this good and that the next series will expose them for the lousy team that they knew them to be all along. I'm with him in wondering what these folks think they are accomplishing. Every loss we get the 'I told you they were crappy' comments. I have lost count of the ones that have said that they 'are the first' to tell us the Jays suck. We all knew, going in, that this was a rebuilding season, wins are great but we aren't expecting 110 of them this year. But maybe stay in the moment and enjoy the great baseball we are playing. The games are fun to watch, as a baseball fan, that's all I ask for, I'm not a Yankee or Red Sox fan that thinks life is only worthwhile if the team wins.
  • Jeremy Sandler notes all the Jays that are likely to set career highs in home runs