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Our Minor League Second Basemen

We've looked at our minor league catchers and first baseman, so let's look at the second basemen we have in the minor league system. 

Las Vegas:

Jarrett Hoffpauir has played most of the games at second and is hitting great, .345/.411/.536, with 3 home runs. At 27 (or at least 27 in June) he's not really a prospect, but more a guy that can be called up to fill in if we have injuries. The way he is hitting it wouldn't be bad to get a look at him sometime.

New Hampshire:

Callix Crabbe  has been playing second, he isn't hitting much, .211/.313/.366, 2 homers, 6 steals. He is 27 too, so not a prospect at all, just a minor league soldier. 


Raul Barron has played all around the infield for Dunedin, but mostly at 2B. Hitting great, .344/.437/.525, 2 homers, 8 steal. Old for the level at 24.

John Tolisano has been on the DL, and has only been in 11 games and has been playing third when he has played. Hitting .250/.319/.300.

Justin McClanahan has also been playing second in Dunedin, not that he's a prospect. Hitting .200/.229/.244.


Ryan Schimpf, have to get down to Lansing before we find a real prospect actually playing second base. Schimpf is hitting .244/.375/.410 with a homer and 5 steals. 

Oliver Dominguez, who we saw a bit this spring, has been playing 2B and 3B, .250/.346/.386, 7 steals. 21 years old from the Domincan, not a prospect at all, though he did have a good year in the Dominican Summer League in 2008, hitting .305/.404/.466 and has speed. 

Scott Campbell has been injured, so hasn't played yet this season. I don't know what the injury is. 


In other stuff, the Southpaw has an update on his top prospects list and is making the suggestion that the Jays consider a trade for the Royal's Alex Gordon. Gordon isn't hitting at all, at the moment, but is a former first round draft pick and there isn't much out there on the free agent market for 3B after the year. I'm not really sure I'd give up on Encarnacion for him but might be worth seeing what the Royals would want for him. See if Cito could bring his bat to life. If there is any team that could mess up a prospect, it is the Royals.