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Monday Bantering: Links

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We start a 3 game series against the Indians in Cleveland tonight. With the Indians at 10-14 and the Cavaliers playing game 2 of their playoff series against the Celtics, I'd imagine the Cleveland fans might have bit of trouble concentrating on baseball games.

The starting pitchers:

Game 1: Brett Cecil (1-1, 3.55) vs. Mitch Talbot (3-1, 2.05)

Game 2: Ricky Romero (2-1, 2.25) vs. Jake Westbrook (0.2, 5.53)

Game 3: Brandon Morrow (2-2, 5.46) vs. Fausto Carmona (3-1, 4.05)

Some links to pass the time before the game.

  • In the Globe, Jeff Blair talks to Aaron Hill, who is happy to be hitting again. Hill said he was "seeing the ball well, I just wasn't swinging the bat all that well". He also talks about MLB and Arizona's new immigration law.
  • Garth Woolsey, in the Star, writes about the Jays exceeding expectations in April.
  • Ghostrunner shows how Brandon Morrow's release point has changed and how it has helped.
  • Ball Hype has a top 200 ranking of baseball blogs and, surprisingly, we are on it. Number 54. I am thrilled, my Dad always told me "Son, whatever you do, work to be the 54th best at it". Isn't a top 200 ranking, it goes beyond 500 blogs.
  • Fanhouse, thinks that MLB may have to take control of the Rangers. As a former Expo fan, I can safely say that that is a bad sign for Ranger fans.
  •'s Tim Marchman lists players having a hot start to the season. Vernon Wells is on it:

Poor Wells is a victim of the great contract fallacy, whereby it's somehow a player's fault when executives with worms in their brains sign him to a silly deal. Wells obviously wasn't worth $126 million when he signed what has come to be thought of as one of the worst deals in baseball history, and he still isn't worth it.

  • They also have their Power Ranking out and our Jays are number 18th on the list.