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Sunday Bantering: Roy Halladay and other stuff.

So if we were to define bittersweet I guess watching your former ace throw a perfect game for his new team would be as good a place to start as any. He's been a favorite or mine for a long time now, his name is on the back of my Jay's jersey. You had to figure that a guy that came within an out of a no hitter in his second career start would have other chances at them. But a perfect game?

One of those questions I'd like to ask Alex Anthopoulos is: Had you known you would be 29-22 and 1 game back of the Yankees, at the end of May, would you still have traded Doc? Can you imagine what our rotation could have been like? Shaun Marcum (5-1, 2.59), Ricky Romero (4-2, 3.42), Brett Cecil (5-2, 3.81) and Doc (7-3, 1.99) (maybe not in that order). The fifth starter could be me and we'd have an amazing team.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all. And I'm looking forward to seeing Brett Wallace play first, Kyle Drabek start and Travis d'Arnaud catch with the Jays for years to come. But still....have to wonder what could have been this year.

Congratulations Doc. There couldn't be more appropriate pitcher to be perfect. Just wish you were wearing a different jersey.

Other things happened yesterday:

  • Kendry Morales breaks his leg celebrating a walk off grand slam (off another former Jay pitcher, Brandon League). It didn't even seen to me that he did anything all that excessive. Do you think the Angels will be looking to trade for a first baseman? Could we offer up an Overbay?
  • Yankees lose after being up by 6. Joba Chamberlain gave up 4 hits and 4 runs, plus allowing 2 inherited runs to score. Really couldn't happen to a better team. I'm sure you guys remember that Yankee fans were trying to convince us that Joba was what the Jays needed in trade for Doc. After seeing highlights, that Alex Rodriguez liner that hit David Huff in the head was the scariest thing I've seen in a while. The umpire's reaction was much the same as mine. I'm glad Huff isn't badly injured. 
  • has a graph of the public's understanding of sports economics. Funny stuff.
  • The Tigers are DFAing Dontrelle Willis. Had to figure it would happen soon. 
  • Tuesday's starter, Brian Tallet got rocked in his one Vegas start. 1.1 inning, 8 earned. Just saying.