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Who is the Jay's Early Season MVP?

We are just about at the 1/3 point of the season Craig asked, in a game thread the other day, who we would vote as team MVP up to this point.

We have several good candidates:

Vernon Wells: leading the regulars with a .301 average. He has 13 home runs, 34 runs scored, 36 RBI and a .602 slugging average. He is leading the league in doubles with 18 and extra base hits with 32. He even seems to be playing an very much improved CF.

Jose Bautista: Leading the league in HR with 16 (I wonder what Vegas odds you could have got on that one. I'm sure you could still get pretty good odds if you wanted to bet he'll finish the season in the top spot.). He is hitting .250/.369/.600. 41 RBI puts him at the top of the team too.

Fred Lewis: Didn't start the season with us, but he sure has made our lineup better by giving us a real leadoff hitter. He's hitting .290/.329/.477 with 16 doubles. He's been a very aggressive baserunner. He only has 4 steals but he has the ability to get a steal when we want one. It is hard to believe we got him for next to nothing.

Alex Gonzalez: started the season like a house on fire. He has cooled since, but he's still playing a great shortstop and he's driven in 32.

Shaun Marcum: He is 5-1 with a 2.59 ERA. He has been great at getting us a win after a loss. He is averaging 6.6 innings per start. He also has a pretty great strikeout to walk rate, 60 k and 17 walks.

Ricky Romero: 5-2 with a 3.14 ERA. He had a very poor start in Anaheim, but other than that he's been pretty amazing. Averaging 7 innings a start, one might call him an innings eater, if we weren't having so much fun putting that label on Brian Tallet. 79 k in 77.1 innings is pretty impressive too.

Let's do a poll....