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Our Minor League Shortstops

So we've checked out our minor league catchersfirst basemen and second basemen. Time for shortstops. Of course, the shortstop we are all interested in, Adeiny Hechavarria, is still at extended spring training, so we don't have any numbers that we can understand, compare to others, for him. I see SB Nation's Hechavarria page has his age as just turned 22 in April. If he turns into what we hope he will he force some of the other prospects to different positions.

Las Vegas:

Jesus Merchan has been at SS most games and is hitting pretty decent, .317/.352/.427. He's 29 and not a prospect but a player that could possibly fill in if we were to have a couple of injuries.

New Hampshire:

Jonathan Diaz is getting on base, .292/.452/.385. He's 25 and has never hit well, but often takes as many walks as he gets hits, not something that would be likely to continue if he moves up.  


Justin Jackson played 5 games (4 at second base and 1 at short) before going on the DL. He hit really well in those 5 games, .308/.400/.385. He's just 21.

Tyler Pastornicky been playing short just about every day (likely to end soon when Adeiny joins the team) and is hitting much like he has in the lower levels, .273/.369/.386 with 7 stolen bases. 


Ryan Goins, our 4th round pick last year, is hitting .258/.364/.333. This is his first full professional season and hasn't started great. We'll see how things go.

Kevin Nolan has been a utility guy, playing mostly short, in Lansing, he was a 20th round pick last year. He's hitting .170/.267/.264 starting his first full professional year.

Our other shortstop prospect Gustavo Pierre will likely start off at Auburn when their season gets going. He is just 18 years old. 

On a totally unrelated issue, I just got a Garfoose drawing as well as Dirk's autograph on a poster. I'm going to be happy for days. Thanks Lee.